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Sweden, Helsingborg, June 2011

 Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for your letters/questions, on our activities regarding REACH by means of a downstream user questionnaire.

The implementation of the new EC chemical regulation REACH, which came into force 1 June 2007, generates a lot of questions and discussions. We would like to ensure our customers that we are aware of the challenges and are actively working on solutions.

Our company will take several roles under REACH.

  • Primarily we are a downstream user under REACH, which means that we have to make sure that our application/use of a substance present in our preparations is recognized in the safety data sheet of the raw material supplier as an identified use.
  • According our policy, we are only allowed to use the substances pre-registered and registered by our suppliers or upper in the supply chain, for our preparations.

Our primary goal is to continue our service to our customers and to provide you with the products you need today and in the future in order to ensure their availability. You as a customer can count on us to collect and process all relevant information of the supply chain for the technical documentation of the REACH process. So we have no intention to stop selling any products because of REACH. Substitution of raw material is part of our job as formulator whatever the reason. If it's the case for some adhesives we sell to you, you will be informed of any modification.

Substances of Very High Concern. (Candidat List)



We confirm that no substance mentioned in the candidate list of  Substances of Very High Concern for authorisation published and last updated June 2011 by the European Chemical Agency, is used in the manufacturing of our formulations. We can also ensure that there is no Substance of very high concern, as defined in the article 57, in the preparations in the products we supply to you.



We have identified the uses for our raw materials and products. We have also communicated these to those of our suppliers of raw materials according ECHA´s Uses Descriptor Systems.

Updated on 22/06/2011

Best Regards

Environmental Department
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